Our Services

Innovative Marketing Services

We employ innovative advertising techniques and develop cutting edge business concepts, by approaching each client’s needs on an individual basis to reflect the nature of their industry and competitive environment.

Our extensive and successful marketing experience with Hotels & Resorts, Private Clubs & Communities, Cruise Lines and Real Estate Developers ensures success for Hospitality sector clients. Client focus also includes Healthcare, Insurance, Legal, Non-Profit, Engineering/Industrial, Retail and Financial sectors.

Advertising Your Competitors Will Envy

EG Communications Group creates strategic and custom-tailored plans to fit each client’s needs. Business environments are highly diverse; therefore, our advertising campaigns are customized to best influence the target audience.

Comprehensive market research is the foundation for successfully positioning and branding products and services. Creativity gets our clients noticed. Synthesizing the two disciplines is what we do best.

Branding Like No Other

EG Communications Group has five primary objectives while branding your organization’s corporate identity:

• Deliver a clear message
• Confirm your credibility
• Connect with your target prospects
• Motivate the buyer
• Build customer loyalty

EG Communications Group takes the position that a strong brand is invaluable as the battle for customers intensifies day by day. We feel that investing in and building your brand is vital for the long-term success of the business.

Put our experienced and talented team to work for you.  After all, your brand reflects promises made to your customers. It is a foundational piece in your marketing communication and one that you must carefully safeguard.

Marketing Collateral That Counts

We partner with you to create great collateral materials that grab attention and quickly explain the benefits of your offerings. Through effective design and great copy, we drive home the most effective reasons as to why your target customers should consider doing business with you.

EG Communications Group is an advertising agency with an experienced and creative design team; able to produce high-end communication that impresses current and potential customers.

One of our specialties is custom publishing magazines and newsletters in printed and electronic formats.  The core need for these services is the retention and recruitment of customers and members, as well as the dissemination of relevant and timely information designed to build revenue streams.

Hospitality: Clubs & Communities, Hotels & Resorts, Cruise Lines

Hospitality marketing requires very specific expertise and you can rely on the support of a professional team with extensive, successful private club, hotel & resort, cruise line and residential community experience spanning more than 30 years. EG Communications Group has the knowledge and ability to successfully navigate today’s rapidly changing world in order to bring you success. We offer a wide range of services that includes new member and member retention campaigns, branding, collateral design & production, custom publishing, website development, as well as email and social media marketing.

Our publishing team comprises highly professional designers, copywriters, editors and account executives. We offer custom club and resort content that is expertise-based and entertaining at the same time. We produce lifestyle publications, showcasing the Private Club and Resort experience and serving as retention and recruitment tools… a key piece of a solid private club marketing and resort marketing backbone.

Ask us about our Concierge Marketing program, providing on-demand services to elevate your branding by providing full access to a team of experienced professionals available when you need them. It sounds fancy and expensive, but can work into any organization’s budget. This program will greatly enhance the quality and timeliness of your communication efforts, while reducing cost.

Hospitality marketing requires a special expertise and professionalism that only EG Communications Group can bring to the table. We have a proven track record. Please review our testimonials.

Custom Publishing

Custom publishing leverages your marketing strategy. Let our skilled publishing team help you build a relationship of trust and loyalty with your customers, club members and employees.

We accomplish that through high quality editorial and design, as well as by paying close attention to detail and understanding each client’s unique environment.

Our publications serve the interests of your audience, rather than overtly plugging products and services the way regular ads do. The content is carefully edited to reflect the interests, needs and lifestyle of the target audience, while reinforcing each client’s brand values.

Website Design & Development

Our on- and offline marketing works to achieve key objectives, such as increasing brand awareness, increasing sales and commercial interest, as well as communicating effectively to your target market.

Our programmers work with the newest technologies and have the experience to create custom online solutions such as websites, e-commerce packages, interactive applications, html newsletters, email blasts and additional modules.

Your website can be one of your strongest marketing tools. It serves as the face your business presents to the online world. You should see increased sales once your site accomplishes these goals:

• Draw new visitors to your site.
• Keep readers on your site for several pages.
• Bring traffic back for repeat visits.
• Answer “What’s in it for me?”